Frost: A Photograph

Last Saturday, I noticed that the frost had made a beautiful pattern on the screen door and immediately grabbed my camera. I’ve always enjoyed photographing textures and was drawn to the way the ice refracted the afternoon light.

I used my old 18-55 lens on my Canon 70D so that I could use my macro lens filters set. I thought that under magnification, beautiful details of the frost would emerge. However, I found that the frost actually looked better from slightly farther away and my favourite image from the series was one taken without the filters. Zooming in too much reduced the ice crystals to thick swirls that weren’t nearly as interesting as looking at a larger expanse of the ice with all the colours and patterns together in a single image.

I was surprised at how much the frost looks like brushstrokes in an impressionistic painting and love the abstract nature of the image, it’s one of my favourites that I’ve taken.




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